Rice Husk Charcoal Machine: Good Solution to Dispose of Agricultural Waste


Rice Husk Charcoal Machine is a machine that is used to make rice husk charcoal. Most farmers do consider rice husk as unworthy to them after harvesting their rice. Most of them end up throwing it or put them in a certain place in order to decompose so that they can be used as manure. However, they took some time to decompose so as to produce plenty of agricultural byproducts. Because of this hard decomposition of the rice husk, it can be used to make rice husk charcoal by the use of rice husk carbonizer or charcoal machine. With the machine, we can make the charcoal which can later be advanced or processed to produce activated carbon.

The Rice Husk Charcoal Machine

The idea of the machine begins by igniting the rice husks within the gasifier then later a flue gas is added to it and directed to the cooling system. The end product from this is a combustible gas that can be used to carbonize raw materials. Some of the combustible gases that can be produced include oxygen, methane and other gases that can be recycled. This process is automatic and hence the machine is able to have a continuous carbonization process with the other side discharging. This rice husk charcoal production is very efficient and effective that can make you have maximum production.

Rice Husk Carbonizer
Rice Husk Charcoal Machine

The temperature of this carbonization process that occurs in the furnace is maintained at around 500 degrees C. The process takes 20 minutes in order to produce high-quality husk charcoal. The biomass pyrolysis power plant is also installed with a dry device so that it will help in the removal of the moisture residual materials from the charcoal. It should be understood that the charcoal is not supposed to have more than 20 percent residual on the charcoal and that is why the dry device removal is crucial in the machine.

Features of the Rice Husk Charcoal Machine

·It has a double layer structure. The two layers help in performing specific functions, the layers include the interior and exterior layers. The interior layer is majorly used for carbonization process while the exterior layer is used for drying procedure and removal of materials from the rice husk.

·Presence of the control system. This is used for the separation of the equipment and operate safely

·The design safety- the machine is protected with a case so that to maximize the high temperature that is required in the process.

·One fire two steps in the heating structure- this simply means that the machine has got a single heating source that heats two parts within the equipment.

·The sealed design of feeder and also discharging parts- this is done so that the working is healthy will doing its function. You can also check the website of WWW.GREENBESTON.COM/ to learn more features of this kind of machine.

Charcoal Making Machine
Charcoal Machine

Merits of using the Rice Husk Charcoal Machine

  • The machine is made in a way that it filters excessive heat and smoke and hence it preserves the environment. This means it is environmentally friendly
  • The machine is able to work for 24 hours continuously without any problem and this leads to making the work efficient.
  • The machine is able to produce high-quality products. The rice husk charcoal has a carbon content of up to 90 percent. This will help the product to make some profit from his work.
  • The speed of carbonization is somehow faster because the internal temperature within the furnace is maintained at around 700 boosting the production.
  • In the agricultural sector, the charcoal can be used as fertilizer because it is able to boost the potassium content and soil permeability.
  • The charcoal can be used in thermal insulation in the industry due to its characteristics.



Various companies have done their best to ensure that Rice Husk Charcoal Machine they are producing has met the expectations and demand of their clients. Due to this, the machine has become popular around the world more especially to those farmers who have known the importance of their rice husk. To them, there is no waste of it. They need to utilize
every product they have acquired from rice. As we have seen, the process of rice husk charcoal production involves two major stages that are the drying stage and the overall carbonization process which takes place in the interior layer. If you are in need of the services you
need to look at the best company that can do it for you and that is found in your
residence area.