General Ideas about the Paper Egg Tray Machines

An egg tray is a kind of a carton to store eggs. As much as eggs are required, egg trays are required too. These egg trays are made by egg tray making machines and paper pulp moulding machines.


An egg tray maker is a machine that uses wood pulp, old books, old newspapers and other recycled papers as raw materials to make egg trays. An ideal egg tray making machine should have the following features:

1- It should consume low energy.
2- It should work without any disturbance.
3- It should be able to produce a large number of trays.
4- Its price should be reasonable.
5- It should be easy to operate.
6- It should be environment-friendly.

Paper Pulp Moulding Machine
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Working Process:

The working process of making egg trays by using egg tray making machine and paper pulp moulding machine has many steps. Each of them is different and use different operations. At the same time, they are very much related to each other.

Pulp Production:

In the first step, the raw materials being used are changed into pulp. The quality of the pulp is an important factor which determines the quality of the egg tray. There are two pulp pools. One pulp pool temporarily stores the pulp, while other refines the pulp.

Moulding Process:

After the pulp is ready to be used, it is moulded into trays. This process uses the paper pulp moulding machine and other components. This step is vital as it determines the quantity as well as the quality of egg trays. You can learn more details about the paper pulp moulding process here:

Drying Process:

In this step, the produced tray is dried before packing and being used. If the tray is not dried, it would get demoulded and destroyed. Therefore, it is an important step in making an egg tray. There are different types of modes for the drying process which depends upon the climate, fuel and space. The main fuels used for this process are coal, diesel or natural gas. You can also dry them naturally if you live in a country with high temperature.
Packing Process:
After the trays have been dried completely, they are packed and counted. Trays are passed by a hot press machine. In this process, a large number of egg trays are squeezed together. The purpose of this is to smoothen the rough edges of the trays, improving its quality more than before.

Egg Tray Machine
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Types of Egg Tray Making Machine:

There are three main types of egg tray making machine, these are:
1- Manual Egg Tray Machine
2- Semi-automatic Egg Tray Machine
3- Automatic Egg Tray machine

Manual Egg Tray Machine:
Manual Egg Tray Machine can make 1000-1500 pcs per hour. It can have a maximum of 4 chunks of mould. It consumes 85-102 kgs of paper for per output. It is best for small scale factories. It usually has a warranty of one year.

Semi-automatic Egg Tray Machine:
2000-4000 pcs per hour can be produced by Semi-automatic Egg Tray Machine. It can have 16 chunks of mould. It uses 170-212 kgs of paper for each hour.

Automatic Egg Tray Machine:
Automatic Machine can make up to 4000-6000 pcs per hour. It can have 32-60 mould chunks. It consumes 298-459 kgs of raw material for per hour.

Beston professional sales consultant suggests all the customers that choose the suitable one, not the highest efficient or most expensive one.

Types of Paper Pulp Moulding Machine:

In the moulding process, different kinds of paper pulp moulding machines are used such as:
1- Single-side rotatory paper pulp moulding machine.
2- Four-side rotatory paper pulp moulding machine.
2- Eight-side rotatory paper pulp moulding machine
4- Twelve- side rotatory paper pulp moulding machine
These different kinds of paper pulp moulding machines are used in different egg tray machines. For a different number of trays, different rotatory sides are required.


●Egg trays protect the egg shells and also keeps them clean.
●They save the eggs from microorganisms, moisture loss and deterioration from high temperature.
●They prevent the breaking of eggs.
●In addition to this, they also make travelling and transporting of eggs easier.

An egg tray usually consists of 30 holes, but this number can also be customized. By using an egg tray making machine, you can change the shape and size of the egg trays according to your choice.
If you wish, you can also make colourful trays or products by adding pigments.

End products:

Egg tray making machine not only makes egg trays but it can also be used to make other kinds of products. This happens by changing the moulds in the moulding process. You can make apple trays, egg cartons, fruit trays, electronic keeping boxes, shoe supports, cup trays, bottle tray etc.

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